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Accessori moda online
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lunedì 13 luglio 2009

spaceprive: watch the video of the new collection

spaceprive, Italian brand of fashion accessories sold online only, published its new video of its collection. Watch the video on, visit the website and subscribe for free to get the newsletter and stay connected.

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The importance of Fashion Accessories: the case of

The importance of Fashion Accessories.

Fashion is not just a synonymous for style, but it’s an idea of setting a trend, which other people may follow.

Basically it’s a “style statement”. Actually, what can describe your own personality, better than the right fashion accessory, which alone has redefined terms like: “fashion”, “trendy”, “glamour”, “style” ?

Fashion accessories complete your outfits, harmonizing style and chic. They add charme, beauty, adorn and add that little extra to visual effects of your outfit.
They gradually became a part of the whole idea of style and trends.

Mixing and matching with a number of accessories as jewels, belts, shoes, bags, scarves, and playing with different shades and hues suggested by fashion, is funny and interesting.

Trends are continuously set with the significant usage of fashion accessories.

From shoes to handbags, from earrings to bracelets, from necklaces to scarves, fashion accessories have added that little extra to our style, fixing our personal style as a set trend or an approach to be followed.

Fashion changes according to times, economy, culture religion and trends; as a result, the trend of fashion accessory also changes. The rich history of fashion accessories and style offers a revealing peek of what we were and what we are today.

Spaceprive offers a range of fashion accessories, completely made in Italy, sold online only. Shopping bags, totes, hobos, unisex bags, travel bags, pochette in interlaced leather, leather bags, but also pearl necklaces, made precious by a black silk ribbon (to underline the importance of details). But also a wide range of accessories to decorate your home (original shaped mirrors, trays, glass mats, leather coin trays, original coat-hangers….

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